Has Audio Impacted My Blog? You Bet.

Back on November 19, 2014, I made a promise to my expanded network that I would dive into this little thing called audio full force. Well, 6 months later, I’ve included an audio version of every blog post that is hosted here on Marketing Curiosity, I’ve started 2 podcasts, and I plan on being a guest on other podcasts in the near future. As the Chief Digital Officer of SAP, Jonathan Becher says, Read on my friend....

Retention is The Biggest Digital Marketing Secret

Download this episode (right click and save) Dan and Nick explore the tremendous opportunities to drive incremental revenue through customer retention and expansion. So much of marketing's focus is on top of funnel/acquisition, but the reality is that organizations have a much greater chance of completing a successful sale with a current customer(60-70%) than with a new prospect(5-20%) according Read on my friend....

Meerkat And Live Streaming as a Digital Engagement Vehicle

Download this episode (right click and save) Meerkat exploded on the scene recently, and it represents the dawn of a new channel for digital marketing communications. Dan discusses his latest blog post which blew up on LinkedIn with over 8300 reads. Nick and Dan outline the benefits of live streaming. They include: Interactive, real-time communications(David Meerman Scott are you listening?)-the Read on my friend....
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