Has Audio Impacted My Blog? You Bet.

Back on November 19, 2014, I made a promise to my expanded network that I would dive into this little thing called audio full force. Well, 6 months later, I’ve included an audio version of every blog post that is hosted here on Marketing Curiosity, I’ve started 2 podcasts, and I plan on being a guest on other podcasts in the near future. As the Chief Digital Officer of SAP, Jonathan Becher says, Read on my friend....

When Presenting, Warm Up and Be the Unexpected

How many times have you walked into a room, mentally preparing yourself for what is sure to be a few painful hours of trying to process the data being shown on the overhead? You catch the presenter setting up and note that there are 147 incredibly detailed slides in today's presentation. You feel sleepy already and start to calculate how long the batteries will last on your laptop, tablet, and smart Read on my friend....

Presenting Data With Slides? Keep It Interesting!

When you're excited about something, nothing could make it boring for you. You want to hear about it, read about it, and talk about it. You're living the topic. And when you've done any kind of research to mine data, you're excited to share those findings with other people. Let it be known, then, that very few things will lull your audience into a boredom-induced sleep (or at least a trance-like Read on my friend....
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