Social Media for Business: Executives Convinced?


At this point, it pains me to say that some steps-for-convincing-executives-to-value-social-mediaexecutives are still not convinced of the value that social media brings to the table. This is the case for a couple of reasons:

  • There is still a major lack of understanding, which historically takes time to evolve (take radio and TV back in the day)
  • There is no data provided that truly convinces management that social is contributing to the bottom line
  • There is no process or infrastructure for creating value for the company’s audience.

With that said, I will always put more weight on data and metrics. They are your best friend when convincing people to get on board with anything in business. ‘Tis the truth from personal experience, and I’m sure you agree.

So how do you go about doing this you ask? Well that’s why I started this blog. It’s my passion, my calling, my obsession, or whatever else describes my sometimes ridiculous enthusiasm for analytics.

While being creative is a good base for being a successful marketer, it’s the analytical side that propels your career. If you can take complex ideas and break them down into measurable outcomes, you will win every time, granted your ideas actually move those metrics.

But I digress. Here is how you get your training wheels on showing social media’s impact…get really familiar with Google Analytics. In fact, here is a training course you can take to become a semi-whiz. Also, here is an analytics blog you need to read obsessively (I use that word a lot when it comes to analytics).

Alright, so when you get the hang of Google Analytics, the next person you should pay close attention to is Nichole Kelly. She’s the CEO of Social Media Explorer and is a pioneer in the way marketers collect data and report on social’s impact on the bottom line. What you will get from her is what systems need to be integrated as well as the best way to report social’s impact compared to other channels. Finally, she demonstrates the differences between each audience that you are creating reports for. She’s awesome.

Stay tuned for more. I can’t wait to get this blog going full steam ahead. Here’s to a great future………

image credit: minnova8

About the author: Nick Robinson is a lover of all things analytics and digital. He has a strong background in web development, marketing, and entrepreneurship. His professional experience with the web dates back to 1997 when he coded his first Geocities website. When not burning the midnight oil, you can find him on the lacrosse field, playing or coaching. The best places to interact with him are Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn.