Meerkat And Live Streaming as a Digital Engagement Vehicle


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Meerkat exploded on the scene recently, and it represents the dawn of a new channel for digital marketing communications.

Dan discusses his latest blog post which blew up on LinkedIn with over 8300 reads. Nick and Dan outline the benefits of live streaming. They include: Interactive, real-time communications(David Meerman Scott are you listening?)-the ability to exponentially increase your reach but also to engage in a two way communication with your audience. Viewers can ask questions and leave comments during your broadcast.



Secondly, Meerkat delivers advanced personalization. Used both for business and personal, Meerkat provides an opportunity to get to know you people in the social arena. Likewise it lets you reveal more of your personal self.

Lastly, it’s Social Selling 2.0. The ability to know right now what your prospects are talking about, to know right now what their pain points are, with what you can help them. And lastly, to learn more about their personalities and what makes them tick.

About the author: Nick Robinson is a lover of all things analytics and digital. He has a strong background in web development, marketing, and entrepreneurship. His professional experience with the web dates back to 1997 when he coded his first Geocities website. When not burning the midnight oil, you can find him on the lacrosse field, playing or coaching. The best places to interact with him are Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn.