My Top 5 Favorite Marketing SlideShares from 2014

Marketers have been talking about audio-visual content’s rise for over 2 years now, and I am a firm believer. I believe in the medium so much that I am running a 6 month experiment, where I will include an audio excerpt with every single blog post that I produce. In fact, here's the audio version of this blog post if you're running short on time: Speaking of visual, I’m really into SlideShare Read on my friend....

Text-Based Content: Inflection Point [Audio]

This will probably be my shortest blog post produced to date. And there's a really good reason for that. You see, I don't know whether we're at an inflection point overall, or I am personally at an inflection point of not wanting to consume as much text-based content as I used to. Because of this internal battle that I've been having, I wanted to test my assumptions, by limiting my text-based content Read on my friend....

B2B Marketers, Stop Creating Content. Seriously.

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The research backs up the title. According to Content Marketing Institute, 76% of B2B enterprise marketers said they are creating more content than last year, which is great! Er, wait, is this good or bad? Let’s dig a little deeper. While more content is being created, 60% said they are challenged with a lack of integration across marketing, and 59% said there is a lack of time to create content. Read on my friend....
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