For a Data Presentation to Be Effective, It Must Be Actionable

Think back to your days as a student. You probably found yourself, on numerous occasions, huddled over a textbook,frustrated and grumbling. “When am I ever going to need to know this?" For me, this was calculus. For you, maybe it was the MLA style guide, proper thesis statement construction, or chemical compounds. The point is that we couldn't see the long-term practicality of investing in Read on my friend....

Presenting Data: Know Your Audience

When you're presenting or explaining data, knowing your audience isn't an option. If you want to effectively communicate with them and make sure they're really understanding the information you've gathered, you need to get on their level. Of course, saying you're getting on their level and actually getting on it can be two completely different things. Prior to any kind of data presentation, publication, Read on my friend....

Using ‘Snack-Sized’ Data in Presentations

When you're presenting any kind of data, it's important to remember not to overwhelm your audience with an over-abundance of facts and figures. This is especially true if you're giving only brief overviews or introductory information. It often happens that, because people presenting data are so interested in and enthusiastic about their subject matter, they forget that not everyone is able to wrap Read on my friend....
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