Has Audio Impacted My Blog? You Bet.

Back on November 19, 2014, I made a promise to my expanded network that I would dive into this little thing called audio full force. Well, 6 months later, I’ve included an audio version of every blog post that is hosted here on Marketing Curiosity, I’ve started 2 podcasts, and I plan on being a guest on other podcasts in the near future. As the Chief Digital Officer of SAP, Jonathan Becher says, Read on my friend....

What is the value of time spent in Social Media? [Free Tool]

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The blogosphere is officially cluttered with social media how-to articles about how to measure social media. Some are really helpful, and some not so much. Yet, I find it really peculiar that not many of these blog posts take cost of time as a factor in their calculations. As we (aka marketers) figure out how to close the loop between publishing social media messages and measuring revenue and lifetime Read on my friend....

Social Media Lead Generation Reporting: Multi-Channel Google Analytics

While showing true ROI involves importing cost and revenue data, I've put together some reports over the years that have demonstrated that social media drives leads. Sometimes it's a last touch lead, sometimes it's a first touch, and sometimes it's a mid-touch. The Google Analytics Multi-Channel reports are super helpful when asking for investment in improved social media measurement or to gain buy-in Read on my friend....
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