Can Interactive Content Align Marketing and Sales?


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This week, Nick and Dan respond to a great article by Scott Brinker of

Marketing and Sales are still out of sync in the new Social-Digital-Mobile playing field. The handoff of a lead from marketing to sales remained one of the most scrutinized and most critical interactions in effectively driving revenue. In addition to attracting prospects through a delicate balance of push and pull tactics, marketing must leverage and interpret the data collected around prospects’ ‘digital body language’ to determine their stage in the Buyer’s Journey. Furthermore, marketing needs to determine when and if to hand off the sales. The process in its current state according to the article is less defined and more a ‘throw over the wall’ method.


Interactive and personalizable content is one solution to the problem. Dan discusses Alinean’s approach and successes around interactive content for both marketing and sales. It represents a win-win-win scenario. Marketing wins as it delivers richer lead intelligence and qualification data to sales. Sales wins as it realizes a greater conversion rate on leads coming out of interactive content. And the prospect wins as he/she received a personalized asset, an enhanced customer experience and a greater chance of solving his challenge.

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About the author: Nick Robinson is a lover of all things analytics and digital. He has a strong background in web development, marketing, and entrepreneurship. His professional experience with the web dates back to 1997 when he coded his first Geocities website. When not burning the midnight oil, you can find him on the lacrosse field, playing or coaching. The best places to interact with him are Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn.

  • Campbell Jof

    Attracting prospects through a delicate balance of push and pull tactics, marketing must leverage and interpret the data collected, represent through the interactive content either whitepaper, infographics, pdf etc. I recently read a great whitepaper Ultimate Guide to Interactive Content for Small Businesses . It has a lot of facts and strategies about using interactive content like Quizes to attract buyers.