nick-robinsonNick Robinson graduated from Ithaca College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and a Spanish minor. As a student, he participated in several activities and societies, including Ithaca College Club Lacrosse, Entrepreneurs’ Club, and Dean’s Hosts. He still enjoys playing and coaching lacrosse, along with running, working out, and traveling.

Prior to working at SAP and cofounding Social Media HQ, Nick worked extensively in search engine marketing, handling such tasks as keyword research, linkbuilding, competitive analysis, and on-site SEO analysis. He also used social media as a vehicle to generate awareness and event attendance, long before it became a mainstream marketing tactic. His previous roles also stemmed from internet marketing, so social and digital marketing work is a natural progression.

Creating an improved digital presence becomes more effective due to the data-driven knowledge that Nick uncovers. His friendly and down-to-earth nature contributes to his success in implementing these digital strategies, with a focus on the big picture as well as the individual data points analyzed down to the source. His thirst for knowledge and his keen ability to turn ideas into quick validation tests make Nick Robinson a true strategic leader in the world of digital marketing.

“Analytics allow you to back up statements with evidence. It is no longer acceptable to shoot from the hip with all the data available.” – Nick Robinson